5 Top Tips To Help Banish Cellulite

When you're eyeing up a new bikini and dreaming about a gorgeous beach this Summer, Cellulite should be the last of your worries. Cellulite gives your skin a dimpled, lumpy appearance due to fat deposits collecting under the surface of your skin.

It affects at least 80% of women at some point in their lifetime so you’re not alone in your search to combat the dreaded Cellulite. We’ve compromised a mixture of super effective tips and treatments to help banish cellulite for good and have you beach ready in no time.

Coffee scrub

Caffeine is used frequently in various creams, gels, lotions and anti-ageing treatments as it has an amazing tightening and stimulating effect on skin, perfect for combating the effects of Cellulite. Scrubs are great for massaging and exfoliating your skin as well, replacing old, dead skin cells with new, healthy ones.

Try consuming more omega 3

Omega 3 is the healthy, good kind of fat you want in your diet, and the benefits are proven to help alleviate and diminish the symptoms of Cellulite. It’s proven that omega 3 stimulates collagen production and reduces inflammation.

These issues aggravate the problem, so by taking fish oil capsules or upping your daily intake of Omega 3 rich foods such as Chia seeds, you’ll notice a difference in your skin.

PelleFirm treatment

PelleFirm is a body skin tightening treatment specifically designed for helping improve the appearance of your skin. It’s non-invasive, pain-free and there is no downtime so you can resume daily activities immediately after the treatment. It has a unique massage function which works to reduce the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

Hit the gym – try weight training

Weight training is the most effective form of exercise in helping to get rid of cellulite. It’s a highly effective way of stimulating the blood flow and lymph movement. The more you stimulate lymph movement and blood flow, the less likely you are to get cellulite. By starting weight training, the muscles under your skin will naturally tighten and tone up, reducing the effects of cellulite.

Dry brushing encourages your blood to flow better

Dry brushing might sound a little weird if you’ve not heard of it before, but it’s a good way to get your blood flowing and encourage lymph movement. Use a dry, coarse brush to brush the skin in a circular motion, starting at your feet and making your way up. After repeating this on a regular basis, you should notice a glowingly smooth complexion to your skin!


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