Top treatments for Mummy Tummies

Becoming a mummy is one of the best feelings in the world. The dreaded mummy tummy, however? Not so much.

We’ve compiled a list of the top treatments for combating all of the issues that are a result of mummy tummies. These treatments are the best for getting rid of stretch marks, tightening your loose skin and losing the unwanted baby weight ASAP. Here they are:

Jojoba oils for stretch marks

jojoba oil
Jojoba oil is an incredibly efficient and natural method of preventing stretch marks that may occur during pregnancy. Because of its healing properties, it is also widely used in helping reduce the appearance of post-pregnancy stretch marks.

The oil is made from the seed of the same name – the Jojoba seed, which is rich in Vitamin E, and it has a deep penetrating effect on the skin, stimulating the growth of new and healthier cells and improving the overall condition of your skin.

3-D Lipo

3d lipo

Losing your unwanted baby weight after pregnancy is often difficult and frustrating, especially when adding a new baby to the picture!

3-D Lipo presents a non-invasive, virtually painless solution to losing fat, cellulite and tightening skin with long-lasting results.

This new alternative to traditional Liposuction uses low-frequency ultrasound to break apart fat cells and radiofrequency to tighten the skin.

A combination of fast weight loss, skin tightening and minimal downtime make this a perfect solution for getting rid of your mummy tummy.



Technoshape is a revolutionary new technology which sculpts your stomach and promises to lose inches off your weight. It’s popular with many celebs, with WAG Colleen Rooney recently using it to get rid of her post-pregnancy mummy tummy.

An airtight pressure chamber is secured around your stomach, requiring you to do some light exercise on a treadmill for 30 minutes to an hour. The band works to encourage blood circulation to that specific area of your body, reducing fat from your midriff.

The beauty of Technoshape is that it only requires gentle exercise, so a walk at a high speed will suffice!

Thermage – Skin tightening treatment

thermage skin tightening before and afterThe ideal treatment for tightening your loose tummy skin after you’ve had a baby is Thermage. Is safe, non-invasive and pain-free – perfect for your recovering body.

The treatment consists of heat being applied to your skin, triggering the stimulation of new collagen and helping to tighten existing collagen. The results often come after a series of treatments with the best results showing around 6 months after the initial treatment.


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  • Ella Skelly says:

    Mummy Tummy is a subject close to my heart, I love my kids, just not what they have done to my body.
    Having kids is a disaster on the body for most normal women like myself, getting any tips at all to help with stretch marks & loose skin is always a plus and has made me a life on fan of anyone that publishes on the subject.
    I will be trying these suggestions and will let you know the results, of course before and after photos. 🙂

  • Jess says:

    During pregnancy, I put on approximately 30 pounds. So now that I had the baby, 4 months since, looking into the options of tightening the skin. The list is very useful but prefer the Thermage.