Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

The January blues can hit you hard, and as the temperature plummets to freezing levels, our immune systems feel the brunt of this shift in weather and as a result, a lot of us will end up sneezing and spluttering our way through the start of 2017.

Although there is technically no ‘cure’ for the common cold, there are a lot of healthy, all-natural remedies that have been used for centuries to reduce the symptoms, duration and severity. Here are our top tricks and tips that can help you see through the start of the year.

Hot tea

tea in a glassHot beverages are great to consume when you are ill as they keep you hydrated, help reduces some symptoms you are experiencing and will help to relieve nasal congestion.

Tea with ginger and lemon are especially great for combatting a common cold. The lemon is naturally high in Vitamin C, helping to protect your immune system, whereas ginger is amazing for helping to settle upset stomachs and combat nausea. It is important to keep hydrated and consume a lot of fluids when you are ill to help fight off your illness.

Garlic, lemon & honey

Vegetables for flu remediesThese 3 key ingredients have been used for generations with the promise of easing the pain of the common, everyday cold.

The garlic makes an effective decongestant, honey helps to fight infection and lemon makes it easier to unblock a clogged up respiratory system. Top up the concoction with warm water, give it a quick stir and wait for your symptoms to alleviate.

For sore throats gargle honey & apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar and slices of apples

Soothe your irritated throat with the silky honey whilst the acidic apple cider vinegar helps to fight and prevent the growth of bacteria in your throat.


Echinacea flowersThe flowering plant that is found growing in the US and Canada has been used as a traditional herbal medicine for curing colds for centuries.

Although there is no proven cure for a cold, Echinacea has been successful at reducing the duration of colds as well as the severity of the colds.

Echinacea supplements are available at most health stores but always speak to a doctor before consumption as they can cause some side effects.


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  • Christy Young says:

    Echinaceea is so good at preventing colds. My family and I have been using it for years and I swear we rarely get sick. Better than everything else I have tried!