Junk Food Merchants: Aviation Industry

The modern crisis of obesity

Much is said about obesity and bad quality food. Unnatural preservatives, carcinogenic ingredients and food high in cholesterol and fat dominates diets. After so much exposure to information about our health in connection with our diet, many people now are making an effort to stay healthier. But other people, profiting from the misery of the many, are refusing to change and continue not only to temp us with junk food, but also to force it down our throats when there is no alternative.

Aviation industry turns a blind eye to obesity crisis

Evil junk food is only waiting around the corner to tempt you back to the unhealthy stuff. The aviation industry has chosen junk over quality long ago and little has been happening to change this. Airports are junk food heaven. They are packed with the lowest quality food you can ever find. All the shops and most restaurants are in on the act, with very few retailers at airports making a difference.

Duty Free junk food

UK Duty Free airport sections only offer junk food in big discounted quantities. Actually, duty free shops live off the misery of parents and children tempted by their nasty offerings. From artificial colouring to mysterious E substances and exotic chemical formulas, Duty Free is there to help us get fat and stay fat and tempted. And whilst temptation is something we could potentially control, need is not.

On board the British Airways Junk Menu

Not only there is very little apart from junk on the British Airways menu, it actively promotes junk food by rewarding you with Avios points (Avios is a reward system, where points earned can be transferred into flight discounts and other benefits). So if you choose the “kind of” healthier option of Berry Burst Porridge you get 175 points. For soggy cashew nuts that do not contain salt or sugar you only get 200. For a proper bad cholesterol hit from the highly processed meat and the gluten-rich Smoked British Bacon roll, you get 600 points.

Indeed if you want to go further, in self-harm that is, you can enjoy one the heavily processed sandwiches which all give you 625 Avios. There are plenty of vegetarian options, they contain more preservatives than vegetables or fruit but they are technically meat-free. Now if you are off gluten, you should have taken a private jet. The only option for you is a wheat-free chocolate brownie packed with excess amounts of sugar and preservatives.


For some reason, once you depart the earth’s surface, health and political correctness go out of the cockpit. Airlines have completely missed the change of direction in people’s diet habits. They are instead capitalising on cheap products that cause harm. Even worse they expose children with otherwise controlled healthy diets to products high in sugar and salt, packed with preservatives and harmful substances.

Time for British Airways and the rest of the aviation industry to catch up.


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  • Mary Stevens says:

    You are so right!!!! Last week I was travelling from Gatwick and it was so hard to find any healthy restaurants. The amount of children I saw queuing at Nando’s is mind blowing. No wonder obesity is increasing like crazy in this country. I wish more people would have this kind of mentality….

  • Jeremy Adams says:

    That’s the sad reality that we live in unfortunately. Unhealthy food is pushed in our faces and there’s little we can do about. Great input!

  • Kyle B says:

    Oh wow I never thought about it. But when you think about it, there does seems to be an emphasis put on junk food everywhere. I personally don’t see much advertising done on healthy food

  • Dinka says:

    If only more companies would stop trying to push all kinds of slimming products down our throats and would actually address what’s wrong with our dietary practices….