Health Foods For Summer – BBQ’d Tofu

Staying healthy is as much about what you don’t eat as what you do. For a barbecue-heavy schedule, this could potentially mean a lot of fatty meat.

For a healthier – and vegetarian – option, you’ve already loved the Portobello mushroom burger. Now it’s time to try grilled tofu, which is shedding its reputation for being tasteless and boring. And quite right, because done right, and with good sauces, it’s neither of those things.

One of the many misconceptions flying around is that vegetarians don’t get enough protein in their diets. This isn’t true if you eat plenty of these white blocks of soy milk, which contains approximately half as much tofu as meat. Which is fine, because you can eat a whole lot more of it than you can burgers!

The soy bean product works particularly well with oriental sauces and marinades, such as soy sauce and sweet and sour. But if you want to get in the spirit of an outdoor cook-out, slather your tofu in BBQ sauce.


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