Health Foods For Summer – Chilled Tomato and Pepper Soup

Gazpacho, AKA a chilled tomato and pepper soup is the ultimate dish to stay cool and healthy this summer!

We already know how healthy and tasty tomatoes can be, but you’re tired of all the recipes containing them? Think again. Gazpacho is a cool, refreshing soup that contains tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. It’s perfect for that hot summer day when you don’t want to feel bloated, and fancy something that is light, nutritious and easy to make.

The health benefits of this chilled soup – it’s essentially fruit, vegetables and water – are obvious. So the key is to make one so good you’ll want to have again and again. What you need to remember is that making gazpacho is a lot different, although no more difficult, to making hot tomato soup.

The key difference is you only drop the tomatoes in boiling water for around 15 seconds. That’s right – seconds, not minutes. But it does take a couple of hours to cool, so don’t think it’s a quick dish, although it is dead easy.


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