Things You Need to Know about Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is an increasingly popular weight loss method focusing on high protein and low carb intake. Celebrities are talking about the diet specifically J. Lo and Giselle. They claim that the diet is aiding them shed the excess fat and weight after giving birth. There are also reports that Kate Middleton, Prince William’s fiancée, is also using the diet program to get in shape for their wedd

This type of diet program has four stages. The first stage or the “Attack Phase” is a strict diet of lean protein, 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran and 1.5 liters of water. This is a short phase considering that the diet could cause dangerous side effects to the body because food intake is only on protein and oat bran.

The second stage is the “Cruise Phase” which is a combination of lean protein with green vegetables. This stage usually last the longest depending on the weight target.

The third stage is the “Consolidation Phase” which prepares the body for regular diet. Lean protein, veggies, a piece of fruit with two slices of bread is now part of the diet. One to two “cheat days” are allowed. The last phase is the “Stabilization Phase” wherein the “Attack Phase” is only done once a week. A 20-minute, daily walk should complement the diet for best results.

The Dukan Diet is a very strict weight loss diet and will produce results because of the fasting. However, the “Attack” and “Cruise” phase could be dangerous. Better talk to your doctor about the diet program to ensure that your body could deal with this type of weight loss program.


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