Latest studies on the Benefits of Organic Foods

Since the organic industry has had an important development in recent years, especially in the food and drinks sector, it would be interesting to evaluate a bit more the actual benefits of organic foods by going beyond the reassuring image that has been marketed.

We have therefore turned to a governmental authority, the Food Standards Agency (FSA), to discover that the latest study around organic food does not confirm many assumptions regarding nutritional values and health safety conditions of organic food. In fact, the report clearly states that, at present, there is no actual evidence of organic food being more nutritious than normally grown food.

This latter depends on various factors such as the storage method of foods that preserves freshness, the condition of soils and the way animals are fed. According to the FSA, these factors do not seem to be affected by the way aliments are produced, organically or conventionally.

The main difference in organic production of food consists in the restriction of artificial elements (i.e. pesticides, fertilizer, additives, GMO products, anti-conventional veterinary medicines, etc…) as well as production and breeding systems that are particularly respectful of animal health and welfare.

For this reasons, studies have come up to different conclusions about higher food safety standards but the opinion that organic foods are not necessarily safer is still very much valid, as normative regulations do exist for any means of food production.

In conclusion, people buying organic products should perhaps think more about their motivation in doing since there seems to be more grounds to eat organic food as an ethical choice rather than for its nutritious and healthy benefits.


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  • anon. says:

    I have never believed in the superiority of organic food. It is just another excuse to charge extra money for the same lettuce…

  • Carol Chi says:

    Fantastic site, where did you come up with the information in this piece of writing? I’m happy I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.