Not Eating Can Make You Gain Weight

One of the biggest misconceptions in weight loss is that eating immediately leads to weight gain.

There are techniques in weight loss where a person should eat instead of starve since it could have serious implications not only in the diet plan but also with the body’s general well being. A perfect example on losing weight while eating is breakfast.

Many skip breakfast thinking that they can lose calories because they are not eating anything. However, the body doesn’t subscribe to the idea of starvation. Once it feels hunger, the body will have to stack some food for satisfaction. Without breakfast, hunger could strike mid-morning and the foods available during these hours are full of calories.

The main reason why breakfast could help in losing weight is that most of the meals for breakfast are high in fiber but low in calorie. This means food during breakfast could easily deal with the body’s hunger but it doesn’t have the excessive calories. Some experts also believe that even the sugary content in breakfast is still better than no breakfast at all because of the possible calorie intake for the rest of the day.

To take full advantage of breakfast for weight loss, basic breakfast meals such as cereals with high fiber and low calories are highly recommended. Experts advise that the simpler breakfast is often the ideal breakfast.  For example, oatmeal with fruit or banana with yogurt should provide the nutrition for the morning. Fruit smoothies could also help nurture the body during breakfast with very minimal calories.


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