Nuts As A Healthy Snack Alternative

When you hit your 3pm afternoon slump where an energy boost is much needed and the gap between lunch and tea is a little too long, the first thing that comes to mind is grabbing a quick snack to keep you satisfied until it's time to eat again.

Fast, easy and tasty foods such as crisps and biscuits are the go-to snack choice for a lot of people. Alas, as delicious as these foods are, they are extremely bad for your health. Here is where nuts come in as a better, healthier snack alternative that will both curb your cravings and give you a health boost, hence why we’re nuts about nuts!

Nuts tend to have a high fat and calorie content, however, as the fat is mainly unsaturated and their concentrated protein content is very high, you will stay satisfied for longer. You should always consume nuts in moderation, with just a handful being appropriate as a snack.

If you opt for the varieties that need shelling, such as pistachios or peanuts, you are more likely to consume less which helps with eating in moderation.


Walnuts provide a great alternative source of Omega -3. Not all types of fat are necessarily the bad kind. Omega-3 is a healthy type of fat that actually has many health benefits.

It helps to increase the amount of calcium in bones, improving strength and leading to a reduced risk of disorders that affect the skeletal system such as arthritis and osteoporosis.


pile of almonds
Almonds are a consistent crowd pleaser in the nut world. They are known for being a wonderful source of antioxidants, with the most concentrated amount found in their trademark brown layer of skin.

For this reason, if you are picking almonds as your choice of nut, it would be more efficient to consume almonds with the skin still on rather than blanched (skin removed) almonds.


Pistachios have the least calorific content out of all the nuts, with just 4 calories per nut, but the highest amount of protein compared to other nuts.

If you are looking to increase your daily intake of protein but keep the calories count low, pistachios are the best option for you.


pecan nuts
The high level of fiber found in pecans is essential for promoting colon health and helping with regular bowel movements.

The fiber also helps with reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and boosting the health of your heart.


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