Benefits of Vitamin E in the Body

Vitamin E is a fat soluble compound with antioxidants that stop production of reactive oxygen species in the body. Oxygen species outside the body are dangerous since they can damage cells.

This notable vitamin is found naturally on foods such as tomato, pumpkin, sweet potato, blue crab, mangoes, asparagus, broccoli, papaya and olives. The same nutrients can also be extracted from fortified cereals, green leafy vegetable such as spinach and collard as well as some seeds and nuts.

Role in Skin Care

Vitamin E is well known for its ability to foster healthier skin. That is why numerous products developed specifically for skincare often boast extensive Vitamin E contents.

Vitamin E is a known antioxidant. It can protect the skin against cell destruction caused by UV rays, pollution, drugs and other elements. But aside from active protection, it also helps the skin look younger by reducing lines and wrinkles. That’s why products with high Vitamin E content promises that you’ll look younger than your actual age.

Vitamin E also has some curative capabilities. This nutrient is often used to treat sunburns, different of skin diseases and scars. Some even regard Vitamin E as the ultimate protection against skin cancer.

The main reason why Vitamin E is very effective in maintaining and improving your skin is that it has the natural ability to preserve oil balance in the skin. Even while actively cleaning the skin, Vitamin E still prevents water loss. The ability to hold water is very important in strengthening the skins’ natural protection.

More than Skin Care

Vitamin E is also useful in treating and preventing other types of diseases. Ailments include menstrual pain and low sperm could be controlled with the help of Vitamin E. Even eye problems such as cataracts and inflammation of eye tissues can be dealt with by increasing Vitamin E content in the body.


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  • Aimme says:

    The theory that dairy pdcourt causes acne have been proven wrong by me. I have been drinking whole milk by the quart every night before going to bed for a month now and my skin have started to look rather amazing. What really causes acne is dead skin cells and food staying too long in your guts. use a bath scrub and a wash cloth to shower Drink milk before going to bed. thats a sign of good things to come.