Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scans

MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is a device used to detect diseases in the body. This machine is a tube-like bed surrounded by giant magnets. The device uses both magnetic and radio waves to scan the body. It can provide clear pictures of body parts even though the parts are enclosed by bone tissues. The patient usually goes through an hour or two before the scans are done.

Patients may hear a loud thumping sound while inside the machine. Although patients who go through the MRI for the first time may panic, it is essential that the patient stays calm. Excessive movements may alter the result and give the wrong results about the patient’s disease. Even with the constrictive requirement, the device has helped millions worldwide. The machine can examine the brain and spinal cords for possible problems. It is even used to find other forms of physical problems such as bleeding, internal injury, tumors, infection and even early stages of cancer.

Naturally, this device could cause concerns for individuals suffering claustrophobia. But doctors use mild sedatives before the MRI for these patients so that they would relax and stay calm. This machine is also a problem for those who have some form of metal in their body. Patients with implanted pacemakers, surgical clips, pins, screws, plates or surgical staples maybe advised against this machine because of the magnetic capability of the MRI. Other individuals who are advised against MRIs are those who are pregnant, have allergic reactions, recent experience with blood vessel surgery and women who are on IUD.

MRI scans are safe, painless and patients can drink or eat anything before the exam. But smoking, coffee and other drinks that could cause brain stimulation should be avoided before the MRI exam.


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