Boxing Day detox

Boxing Day is a great day to have a detox after the Christmas Day festivities. A great opportunity just before the New Year.

Boxing Day is a wonderful, indulgent and yet disorientating day when we address our Christmas hangovers and dust ourselves off from the day before. Traditionally a day for getting out on long walks and enjoying the festive leftovers, Boxing Day is a great opportunity to have a day of detoxing before New Year. Here are a few of our Boxing Day detox ideas!

Do a workout

As mentioned already, Boxing Day is often synonymous with heading out on a walk. Push yourself this Boxing Day and commit to a proper long-haul hike with friends and family or even a run, cycle or sea swim (for the brave!) Exercise releases endorphins that are responsible for wellbeing and feeling good – what better way to spend your Boxing Day! And cure a hangover…!

Do something healthy and creative with your turkey

Turkey is actually one of the healthiest things about Christmas – it’s a shame it isn’t more popular all year round! High in B vitamins, zinc and protein, turkey is a great friend to your teeth and bones and one of the leanest meats out there. Whilst we’re not suggesting you go all Bridget Jones and make a turkey curry buffet (lol), why not try turkey as part of Mexican salad bowl on Boxing Day? Jamie Oliver has an impressive list of turkey recipes to choose from here.

Get watered, not slaughtered!

It’s super tempting to continue enjoying those glasses of prosecco on Boxing Day but giving yourself a break from the booze is one of the best ways to detox. Commit to having a day off the drink and keep water close by.

Electrolyte drinks can also help replace the salts you lose through sweating when consuming alcohol and if you’re heading out to exercise, electrolytes are super important in keeping your hydrated.

Head down to the spa

Detoxing includes cleansing your mind of stress and doing things to help you relax. Why not head down to the spa for a sauna and steam room to sweat out those toxins and clear your mind. This way, you’ll be ready to take on the days leading up to New Year’s eve!

Whatever you’re up to, have a fantastic Boxing Day!


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