Hot yoga: Don’t sweat the small stuff

I mean literally, if you thought hot yoga was hot then you were wrong because this is hotter and sweatier!

Bikram yoga is the new way to sweat yourself into a stronger, leaner body. With the benefits of not over-stretching yourself and prevention of injury. I mean who would have thought that stretching into all those yoga poses could be so easy?

Founded by Bikram Choudhury after a knee injury that allowed him to reconnect with his love of yoga, he was able to repair his body back to full recovery. The push to recovery is what inspired Bikram to create the class that has been so proudly celebrated throughout the world and has helped many suffering from various muscle pains and injuries recover as well as changing their personal outlook on what being healthy and strong really means.

So if you’re ready to challenge your body’s ability and get fitter then Bikram yoga might be the one for you!

What is Bikram yoga?

Bikram yoga is a form of yoga that runs for a duration of 90 minutes and follows a series of 26 poses and two breathing exercises that have been designed to help the body maximise the movement of blood flow, and help improve the flow of oxygen throughout the body.

Bikram classes take place in rooms that are heated to 40°C to recreate the tropics of the Indian sun, it is argued that the humidity built up from the heat in the room has shown evidence of improving the body’s flexibility levels as well as also proving to help prevent the risk of injury whilst stretching.

What’re the benefits of Bikram yoga?

Besides helping build a stronger more resilient body, Bikram yoga has proven to show a range of health benefits for the body; from the skin to increased blood flow as well as also being argued to help aid towards those facing joint and muscle pains. The sweat produced during the exercise helps open up the pores of the skin and help with cleansing the skin of any impurities.

Bikram has also been argued to be good for those seeking to flush out the toxins accumulated through breathing in polluted air and bad eating habits. Not to forget to mention the fact that it also helps contribute towards weight loss meaning helping create a leaner and more toned body.

How is it different from other types of yoga?

Bikram yoga is different from other forms of yoga in short because it strives to push individuals out of their comfort zones and beyond their limits. Throwing members into intense heats and the body in poses and postures that are challenging, don’t let the heat or the idea of sweat put you off this class because the benefits from participating are so much more rewarding!

Remember that it’s not a competition and everyone is on a different level.

a woman doing a yoga at the river

Bikram yoga, in essence, is about grasping onto the concept of self-mastery. Each session is about training the body to function without resilience in demanding temperatures. The series of strict poses are repeated to help you become stronger.

On the other hand, traditional yoga is usually practiced in room temperatures and doesn’t follow a strict routine of set postures, whilst both are used for meditation Bikram yoga is used more so as a healing agent for muscle pain and injury, as well as helping the practitioner develop strength in their series of poses.

Overall Bikram yoga is a form of yoga that has proven to demonstrate a wide range of evidence that shows its ability to help individuals restore their body as well as allowing one to build a healthier more toxin-free body soul.

The practice is being used more often to help with the treatment of diseases that helps with joint pain as well as helping contribute towards weight loss. So if you’re looking for a way to test your body’s boundaries whilst also losing weight this is the best might just be the right type of yoga for you.


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