Isoflavone Dietary Supplement

The effects of the soy isoflavores that are found in many dietary supplements on our body tissues are being studied by the scientists from the University of Illinois.

With soy consumption, you get to consume phytoestrogens which is a compound that is similar to estrogens and is found in some plants.

The project for this study is funded by the National Institutes of Health amounting to $8 million. William G. Helferich, professor for food science & nutrition, led the study and researched about the effects of high level isoflavone.

It had shown that the high levels of isoflavone genistein promoted the cancer cell growth in animals that are used as representative for postmenopausal and estrogen dependent women with breast cancer.

Preclinical investigations will be conducted by 3 groups on animal representatives to see the effects of isoflavones on different doses as well as exposure time to see their effects on our breasts, brains and also with at. The mechanisms of isoflavone will also be tested by another group.

Soy consumption gives enough amount of isoflavone but there are dietary products that contain isoflavones in high concentrations and high concentrated isoflavones are not regulated by the FDA.

With the linkage of phytoestrogens with cardiovascular problems, this study is essential to prove once and for all if high concentration of isoflavones increases your risk to cancer cells and other diseases.


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