What Is Pancreatic Cancer?

This type of cancer is known to be a silent killer. It’s a silent killer because when you have the cancer, you won’t experience any signs or symptoms and whenever you start to feel something’s not right and you get yourself checked, it’s almost always too late as it has already reached an advanced stage.

The usual symptoms you’d experience include upper abdominal pain that reaches the back area and when you start to learn forward, the pain subsides a bit. You would also feel nauseated and you’d lose your appetite and you may also start to vomit every once in a while. Of course when you start to lose your appetite then you’d have a drastic weight loss.

Another symptom for an advanced stage of pancreatic cancer is jaundice. This is caused by the cancer that reached or starts at the pancreas’ head which is very common and is obstructing the bile duct. Another symptom that can also be associated with pancreatic cancer is clinical depression.

Sometimes clinical depression starts to show even before the person experiences other symptoms therefore he/she may be diagnosed with clinical depression before they learn that he/she has pancreatic cancer although clinical depression is caused by other factors as well.

There is no proven way to prevent pancreatic cancer but research shows that when you smoke, you are more likely to get it. Also, vitamin D seems to decrease the risk of pancreatic cancer cells generation.


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