Our Body’s Bacteria Map

There are two types of bacteria: the good and the bad bacteria. These bacteria can be found in and around our body and they play important roles to our physical functions.

Recently, scientists came up with an atlas of the different bacteria living in different parts of our body. Some of these bacteria are good and helps us stay healthy while some are bad and makes us sick.

The scientists hope  that their atlas of bacteria would help to aid in the clinical research. They hope that one day, it would be possible to identify which site of the human body would certain microbes be transplanted for health benefits.

The study shows that the community of bacteria varies on every person. The location as to where the community of bacteria is found also varies on every individual although patterns were discovered.

With trillions of microbes living on us and inside our body, these bacteria are important. Research was done over 3 months with several volunteers and they used the latest computer techniques and gene sequencing to create the bacteria map.

They found out that there are some bacteria that vary even when taken from the same person. Also, some areas have less variation than others such as  the armpits and at the soles of our feet. The least varied area is on our mouth cavity.

Researcher Dr. Ferrer said that there is still a lot more questions that needed to be answered. There will be more tests to be done to finalize the study.


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  • Dr. Dre says:

    I think the post talks about an excellent idea. It is good to map bacterias in order to know how to tackle them.