Spartan Workout for a Great Body

Inspired by the movie "300", the “Spartan Workout” can help you get the body of your dreams in under 20 minutes...

In 2007, the movie “300” was released under controversies surrounding the accuracy, violence and depiction of the Persians. But a small fact about the movie has made a lasting impression on health buffs – the remarkable ripped abs of the actors are not made of special effects. The actors trained for months to get this type of body.

You can also get this body structure. Known as the “Spartan Workout” or the “300 Workout”, it’s a series of exercises totaling 300 repetitions. That should be done in less than 20 minutes.

To get the body you want, here’s the formula:

  1. Pull-ups (25 repetitions)
  2. 135lbs Deadlight (50 reps)
  3. Push-ups (50 reps)
  4. Box Jump, 14 inch (50 reps)
  5. Wipers (50 reps)
  6.  36lbs clean and press (50 reps)
  7. Pull-ups (25 reps)

Completing this routine in less than 20 minutes is not recommended for those who have little to no experience in exercises. Your muscles could easily be strained and might be injured permanently.

Even though you don’t have the capacity to deal with that form of exercise, you can start small by creating your own Spartan Exercise. You can even start at a very light level wherein you only total 150 repetitions. The exercise regime should be composed of weights, abdominal exercises and foot exercises – a full body workout that could slowly get you to advanced training program.

Last but not the least; remember to create an exercise program that you will faithfully follow. Without patience, you’ll never see considerable results.


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