Treatment for Seizure or Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a serious condition that needs medication for it to be controlled. Epilepsy is not something you can put an end to, but at least, with the proper medication you won’t need to have seizure attacks anymore as it gets controlled by anti-epileptic drugs or AEDs.

There are numerous Anti-epileptic drugs out there that it can get quite confusing as to which ones you should use. Doctors suggest a trial and error to get the right drug and at the right dose that would control the epilepsy and get the best result with zero or very little side effect.

Unfortunately, many patients settle for a drug without considering that perhaps there’s a better drug out there that could prevent them from having these side effects that they have grown to live by. Epileptic patients can still enjoy their lives without the side effects of AEDs only if they get the right amount and the right kinds for their medication.

Not because one epileptic patient would attest to the effectiveness of his medication means it would be that effective for you too.

It is strongly recommended that doctors and patients would find the right medication and not just settle for the one that seems to work but does not necessarily mean is already the best medication. Many use the same medication for years and had already grown used to the side effects without realizing that they actually don’t need to settle for what they are getting.

Get the right treatment for seizure and get the best medication for you.


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  • Krishana says:

    People quite often feel a bit funny with flashing lights and crazy patterns. But only a very small number of people have the type of epilepsy which means they can have a seizure if they see bright flashing lights. It would still be a good idea to talk to your family doctor about it, though. Then they can just check everything is okay health-wise for you. Hope that helps.