Tips For Boosting Your Libido

The benefits sex can have on your physical and mental wellbeing are endless, helping to keep you fit, boost your serotonin levels, improve your self-esteem and reduce anxiety levels.

But, sometimes (and we’ve all been there) we experience periods where we’re just not feeling up to some time between the sheets, and it can be hard to find one’s mojo in the bedroom again when this happens. If this sounds familiar, here are a few top tips for boosting your libido and getting back in the game….!

Assess your happiness

Man and woman laughing | Libido
It’s true that for women, the ability to be present in the moment during sex and to reach orgasm, comes down to where they are mentally. Whilst this is also a factor for men, research has shown that it’s not nearly as influential. This said, this advice should be considered by all parties.

If you’ve notice a slip in your libido, it could simply be a case of take a step back and thinking about how you feel in yourself and whether you’re unhappy with a certain aspect of your everyday life. Seeking to identify and working to address this, could be key to unlocking your desire to get back in the bedroom.

Limit the booze

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A few sips of something alcoholic is often a fantastic way to light up the flames between you and your partner. But did you know, too much alcohol will kill the spark, can stop you from climaxing and in the case of men, affect erectile function?

With the lockdown period taking its toll on many of us, it can be easy to reach for that second or third glass of drink, but long-term this can won’t just cause a short-term drop in libido – it can become chronic. In men, this manifests itself by reducing testosterone levels and in women, it becomes more difficult to become lubricated.

If you feel alcohol is having a negative impact on your sex life, there are services that can help you get back on track. Many couples also find counselling can help to discuss the role alcohol plays in their relationship, and how to ensure it remains a healthy one.

Fuel the fire with the right foods

Couple eating food
Over the years, many studies have indicated that diet plays a part in whether your sex drive is high or low, but it’s still inconclusive as to whether this is a direct link. The conclusion we certainly can draw though, is that when we eat foods that are high in saturated fats and sugars, our brain activity is affected, and not for the better.

These foods give an instant high and then cause the brain to come crashing back down to earth, and crave more of the same. This bipolar cycle can leave us feeling groggy and even inhibit our brain’s endorphin production. This doesn’t exactly put us in the mood for the bedroom.

Nourish your body with a good balance of nutrients and limit your intake of heavy, high fat and high sugar foods, to keep yourself in the mood…..!

Get your body moving

Couple jogging | Libido
Sex is a great way to engage in cardiovascular exercise. But other forms of cardio outside the bedroom will inform how you perform inside it. We know that exercise boosts sympathetic nervous system activity, which can improve and heighten sexual intercourse and activity that happens immediately afterwards.

So, next time you’ve been out for that lockdown run, tell your partner you’re going to jump on them when you get back to try out this theory!

Sport is also a great way to gain self-confidence, a vital ingredient for good sex. Another obvious benefit is it can help you shift some stubborn lockdown weight, which might be having an adverse effect on your self-esteem.


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  • Katie says:

    Thanks for these tips. I definetly agree with the first point, when im not feeling right mentally, Ive noticed my drive for pleasure is much lower.