What is IVF and what are its benefits?

IVF is a short cut term for In Vitro Fertilization. It’s a method where a woman’s egg cells are taken outside of her body and would be fertilized by sperm cells. Usually, the fertilization occurs in a Petri dish thus the misconception that it occurs on test tubes since babies that are born because of IVF are called test tube babies.

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is an option for couples who have tried other methods to conceive a baby. It can be quite expensive but it’s worth a try if a couple is desperate in wanting to have a baby. Usually, in IVF cases, the babies born are multiple. This is because more than 1 fertilized egg cell is planted back in the woman. After check-up and the doctor detected more than 1 egg cell has thrived, they can either terminate other egg cells if consented by the mother.

In the case of the octuplets which became such a piece of big news, she had an IVF procedure done as well. More than 1 egg cell was planted and therefore she had more kids. A fertilized egg cell could multiply and in her case, more than 1 egg cell survived and they also multiplied thus, she had 8 babies.

IVF can be a God-sent to couples who really want to conceive. Also, for a woman after menopause can still have a baby as well. It may be costly but it’s been proven effective and it blessed many couples with healthy babies already.

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