Women & Osteoporosis

It’s never too early to start drinking milk. Milk is an excellent source of calcium and the more you drink milk, the more you are saving in your bone bank. Bone bank means, you get to save more calcium in your bones so even when you get older you won’t end up suffering from osteoporosis.

Although osteoporosis can happen to both men and women, the majority of people with osteoporosis are women. Women after menopause are more susceptible to osteoporosis which could severely reduce their quality of life and can even affect their life expectancy.

A woman with osteoporosis is a lot more vulnerable because an ordinary fall that you can normally handle well in your glory years would now be fatal when you reached old age because your bone mass is significantly lower than normal. Usually, those who get fragility fractures would have fractures on their spine, hip, rib or wrist.

People with osteoporosis also suffer from vertebral collapse. Simply explained, your back starts to stoop and you’re much shorter than you used to be. As your spinal cord compress, it will cause you back pain as the nerves are also getting compressed.

With osteoporosis, the best thing you can do is to actually prevent it from happening. When you have it, you will suffer from tremendous pain and fragility and all you can do is just have some medication to prevent further damages to your bones.

So, when you are still enjoying your healthy bones, make sure you drink milk every day! You’d thank yourself for it when you’re much older.


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