5 Reasons to hire a Personal Trainer 

The personal training industry is massive and it is only continuing to grow. But what are the reasons behind the personal trainer boom? And why do people work with personal trainers?

With the increase in the number of workout spaces, gyms, trainers and exercise approaches, many people are turning to physical workouts or a personal trainer to improve their physical condition as well as their mental health.

Statista data showed that 15,000 personal trainers were working in the UK in 2011. In 2021, Statista reported a staggering increase of nearly 50% – there are now 22,000 personal trainers working in the United Kingdom.

The personal training industry is massive and it is only continuing to grow. But what are the reasons behind the personal trainer boom? And why do people work with personal trainers?

A Personal Trainer is a fitness expert

Before a trainer can begin helping clients in a gym, they have to study for and pass a certified personal trainer course. These courses arm these fitness buffs with important knowledge on anatomy and physiology, as well as health and fitness. It is with this understanding that they help you safely achieve your targets and body structure. 

You can trust your personal trainer’s information and advice more than you can trust an online tutorial or a friend. They will be able to supply you with reliable nutritional information, posture correction advice and answer any fitness-related questions you can have. 

A Personal Trainer motivates and offers accountability

We’ve all been there … going to the gym or working out alone is so much harder and laborious than when you have a support system in place. Training with a partner or a personal trainer increases motivation levels as working in pairs usually leads to encouragement, thus pushing your workout even further. 

It is hard to skip a workout if you’re booked with a personal trainer. You will be more likely to stick with it and power through with a personal trainer. Usually, personal trainers ask for feedback and weekly reports from their clients. They will hold you accountable and show you the consequences of your action. 

You will see that your work rate and progress is at a higher level and far more efficient. This is because you have someone setting you challenges rather than understated goals. Having a personal trainer also means a detailed and expert plan for clients to follow. 

A Personal Trainer fixes technique and posture

One of the most common causes of injury in the gym – other than accidentally dropping weights – is using an incorrect form. Many gym goers don’t educate themselves on the correct way to do specific exercises and fall victim as a result.

A good personal trainer will always keep an eye on your posture and help reduce the chance of injury. Furthermore, they will teach you the very best ways to conserve energy bit still feel the benefits of the exercise.  

Personal Trainers are specialists in planning

Personal trainers usually handle a large group of clients. As a result, they are very good at formulating individual performance-enhancing programs. These fitness programs are very singular and are made to help clients reach their targets. 

If you’re relying on online programmes, you will be met with generic programmes that may not be suitable for your body at all. A personalised programme is far more beneficial and will feature goals and dates your personal trainer deems challenging but attainable. 

A Personal Trainer breaks the monotony 

If you’ve been working out by yourself for a while, personal trainers can give you a breath of fresh air with their ever-evolving classes and focus. It may be a case of you getting bored of your current plan? It may be a case of not seeing any more results from the plan?

Enlisting the help of a personal trainer can give you that much needed boost to keep you in the gym and re-evaluate your goals and body aims. Personal trainers have a wide knowledge of different training methods and equipment. They can keep the variety of training high and keep you engaged with your fitness for longer. 


Hiring a personal trainer is a wholly positive investment in one’s health, fitness and wellness. Personal trainers provide many benefits, even beyond the five we have listed above. Adam White Personal Training Studios is a fantastic place to start if you’re seeing personal trainers. 


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