Beta Blockers Shows Promise in Preventing Breast Cancer

Preventing any type of cancer is always a top priority for medical professionals and researchers. Dealing with breast cancer has become very important because it’s quickly becoming one of the leading causes of death related to cancer. Any type of prevention can help save the lives of millions.

A recent study suggests that beta blockers can actually prevent breast cancer. Beta blockers are important components included in medicine that helps deal with heart problems, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), and other mood disorders.

A study was conducted in 800 patients and early results show that those who took medicine with beta blockers higher chances of preventing their body from developing breast cancer and its complications.

Researchers believe that 800 patients cannot create a universal assumption on beta blockers capability in relation to preventing breast cancer. To create a better conclusion on beta blockers, researchers are planning to study more than 30,000 individuals. They are planning to start their research this year with a target presentation in 2012.

Early assumption on the capability of beta blockers suggests that beta blockers have the capability of preventing the spread of breast cancer in other parts of the body. Although only 30% of the breast cancer patients experience spreading of the disease; more than 90% of the said patients die because of the breast cancer.

If the spread of the fatal disease is prevented the number of deaths related to breast cancer will be limited. It’s a promising start for those who wanted to deal with the disease once and for all.


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