14 Houseplants proven to help improve memory & concentration

As more and more workplaces switch to remote working, it is looking like work-from-home may be the way of the future. If that’s the case, we’re going to need to show some love to our domestic docile. Did you know a houseplant can help boost focus, improve memory and help with concentration? Yes, really!

One of the proven ways of rebooting the body is by getting it back to its natural roots. If you live in the city, this can be hard to do but is it impossible? No. in fact, research shows that just having a window view of nature can lower stress levels. If we then bring a plant into the work environment, whether that be at home or in the office, we can create a calming atmosphere.

To that end, today we will be taking a look at many different plants that are proven to help improve the working environment. Whether that is through forming a connection with nature, boosting a calming aura, improving memory or just helping liven up the place, houseplants are a lot more helpful than you think.

Improve your memory with these houseplants by bringing the outside, inside!

Plants that help improve memory & concentration


Peppermint plants have many health benefits. Not only can they improve your learning abilities, the smell of this herb has proven positive effects on cognition and mood. In fact, research shows that the fragrance of peppermint induces alertness and increases memory function.


Basil is a leafy plant and one of the most convenient greens to grow inside. Its health benefits are plenty as it can fight antioxidants using natural toxins within the plant and can help in fighting depression.


Roses aren’t just pretty to look at. In fact, research shows that roses boost focus and increase clarity when working. They make great desk companions.


This is a small and leafy plant that is also highly popular for indoor spaces. It has a powerful smell that has a freshening effect on the air and its nutritional value is amazing.


Lavender Oil has long been used in many industries for its aromatic and calming qualities. A small lavender plant can continuously fill the work environment with the soothing smell of nature.


This plant has very large leaves and red flowers but the power of the plant lies in the root. The root can be used in traditional medicine to help energy levels and improve brain function. In a pinch, it is also really good for fighting the flu.


If you grow your own blueberries, you can take advantage of some amazing compounds in them. These compounds can improve verbal comprehension, memory and reasoning ability. And studies have shown that regular consumption of blueberries protects against dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Avocado Tree

Avocado tree

Grown from the pit of a single avocado, a home-planted avocado won’t get the nutrition needed to grow the delicious fruit but it will produce large leaves. These will help filter the air quickly in your home and keep it fresh throughout the day.


Whilst it makes a great dressing for lamb, rosemary also creases focus and work activity. Keeping a pot or two around the place can give you the natural kick you need throughout the day. You can also use rosemary to make calming teas and still have some seasoning left over for the lamb. As an added bonus, rosemary is a hardy plant that grows well.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera
Growing aloe vera at home is not only very easy, but also incredibly beneficial. The soothing smell of an aloe vera plant can calm senses and relax the mind. And in the case of an unforeseen burn, a bit of that aloe vera will help your skin heal.

Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is commonplace in many offices and homeworking locations due to its top-quality air purifying and humidifying capabilities. It can manage and clean the air for you. If you have a group of them together, your work area will smell fresher than ever every single time you take a whiff.

Peace Lily

Peace lily
Much like the Boston Fern, the Peace Lily is fantastic at purifying the air and humidifying it thereafter. Its large leaves can suck in CO2 and pump out oxygen consistently and constantly.



This plant doesn’t have the biggest leaves in the world and isn’t really an air purifier. However, it is said to help pregnant women calm their nerves and also helps relax body inflammation.


Orchids are said to bring a positive energy wherever they are placed. If you are prone to bouts of stress or even moments of feeling down at work, an orchid can pick you up and dust any mental fatigue away.

In Conclusion

Many of the plants we’ve mentioned above simply do their jobs by sitting there and refreshing the space around you. Some have amazing medicinal and herbal properties that you can also take advantage of. But all of them bring the refreshing properties of mother nature into the workplace.

Give your mental state some help and soothing aromas and invest in a houseplant or desk plant today!


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