8 Ways to boost your mood on grey days

‘Pathetic Fallacy’ is when your behaviour and mood is reflected by the weather. Below, we will be looking at 8 interesting ways to boost your mood on grey days.

Ordinarily, grey rainy days are horrible for your mood but after experiencing the scorching heat of summer, wet and cold days will leave you feeling more miserable than ever. 

We call this ‘pathetic fallacy’: when your behaviour and mood is reflected by the weather. But there are ways to counter a low mood and raise your spirits again. Below, we will be looking at 8 interesting ways to boost your mood on grey days.


The first thing to do works both on an emotional scale and a global scale. It is beneficial to push for imminent action on climate change.

In fact, there is actually evidence to suggest that being involved in activism makes you happier. Researchers Malte Klar and Tim Kasser interviewed two sets of 350 college students regarding their level of political engagement and their levels of optimism and happiness as a result. In both sets they found that those most inclined to go to political demos were also the cheeriest. 

Getting out of the house and campaigning/protesting for something you believe in or feel strongly about can cause you to feel fulfilled and better about yourself. There is also the high chance that you will be supported and surrounded by like-minded people at these demonstrations, leading to you feeling empathised with and understood.

Identifying SAD symptoms

You may not be aware of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but it is a real condition. Many people can feel disappointed with the changing of seasons. This is as a result of seeing the season that passed as a washout or waste and feeling down in response. 

The season change can have an effect on mood and energy levels and can lead to depression, mood swings and difficulty concentrating. 

If you experience changes like this, especially as the season changes, speaking to your GP is advised. Eating well, socialising and keeping a regular sleep pattern can also help temper SAD symptoms.

Light Therapy

There is a lot of evidence and research, dating back to the 80s, supporting light therapy as being effective for seasonal strands of depression. 

This is the practice of sitting/meditating in front of a subdued UV light. Whilst results aren’t entirely absolute, UV Light Therapy has shown to be successful in some patients.

However, with this particular solution, it is heavily advised to seek the opinion of your GP before proceeding ahead with UV Light Therapy.

Vitamin D Supplements

The body naturally produces Vitamin D when it gets UV radiation via direct sunlight. If you’re not getting enough sun, especially when there’s cloud cover and the sky is grey or if you just don’t feel like going out, you can see your mood worsen. 

Vitamin D supplements can be taken regardless of the season and has been shown to boost the mood of an individual. Furthermore, whilst not clinically proven, a low dose of Vitamin D has also been associated with dealing with depression.

Hang with Friends

Withdrawing socially can be a symptom as well as a cause of poor mental health. Make plans to see people or, if that’s not possible, interact with others by text or video call. Maintaining contact and placing yourself solidly in the world will boost your mood and leave you more comfortable in your own shoes and skin.

Drab weather / Colourful attire

When the weather is drab, we tend to dress ourselves in drab clothes and are then surprised when we act drab. 

Boost your mood with bright and vivid clothing, your favourite garments and your most confidence-boosting makeup. 

Wearing green helps you stay comfortable and instill a sense of calmness.

Wearing orange will leave you energised and pumped with positive energy all day long.

Dressing in red gives you an extra burst of energy and demands attention.

Wearing blue will soothe your nerves and bring out your creative side.

Draping yourself in purple will leave you pampered and feeling luxurious.

And wearing white may lead you to remember the innocence of your childhood days.

Either way, you will feel better decked out in happy colours rather than subdued clothes. Furthermore, when you dress up, you naturally feel more confident and happy with your appearance.

Tricky Eating

Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean you need to deal with a hot chocolate or hot soup. Trick yourself by eating or drinking something that reminds you of bright and warm weather. Sometimes this is a creative way to force a pick-me-up.


Regular meditation is key to keeping an even mind and keeping a good mental perspective. Taking time to be quiet and escaping the world can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. You will want to find the meditation technique that works for you and stick with it. Many people combine meditation with yoga. The merits of meditation also increase over time. 

If you’re ever feeling down and grey and the weather outside isn’t doing you any favours, try one of these underrated ways of boosting your mood – turn that frown, upside down. Keep an eye on our blog for more health and wellness advice and tips.


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