Women’s Fear: Breast Cancer

Discovering you have breast cancer is probably one of the biggest fears of women.

Women are more susceptible to having breast cancer than men and the number of women having breast cancer is quite alarming.

In order to prevent having breast cancer, women must be careful with their breasts and keep them as safe as possible from bumps as its one cause of breast cancer too especially if you already have the cyst without your knowing.

Although you can’t really avoid breast cancer, if it happens to you when it happens to you but thanks to modern medicine, early detection of breast cancer almost surely guarantee you’ll survive from it.

Early detection is the key that’s why it is highly recommended that you regularly check your breasts and if you notice anything unusual or you notice a lump, you must immediately go to a doctor to have it checked.

Once you feel a lump in your breast, it may just be a benign cyst or a malignant tumour. An operation is necessary to remove the lump and check if it is malignant.

Getting the result that shows you have a malignant tumour may feel like a big burden has been laid on your shoulder but you must not lose hope.

The percentage of survivors for breast cancer is high especially if the cancer is detected at stage 1 or even on stage 2.

Prevention is still better than cure but when you have breast cancer, your best defence is your positive thinking. Tell yourself constantly that you can survive this and you will!


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