Women & Heart Disease

It is really a misnomer to think that heart diseases only happen to men as women get heart disease as much as men do. In fact, in the United States it’s the number 1 killer of women and it’s one of the leading causes of disabilities to females as well.

Heart disease is caused by the blockage or narrowing of the arteries of the heart. These blood vessels supply the blood required for the heart to pump at one time. The coronary artery disease happens slowly and its complete blockage or narrowing of the vessels can be prevented through regular exercise and proper diet. If left to continue, the woman may have heart attacks or may even lead to death.

Although men are known to get heart diseases more, women do to. Men are quick to raise their temper that’s why they get the higher rates of heart attacks. Women, on the other hand, are not as quick-tempered as the men but this does not mean they don’t have heart conditions already. Unfortunately, about a third of women who had heart attacks make it to full recovery while 2/3rds don’t

The older the female would get, the most likely she would have a heart disease especially if she is not eating the proper foods and at the right amount. Though this does not mean that only older women should be concerned. In fact, any woman should be concerned about their heart and have a healthy lifestyle. Exercise! It’s good for the heart


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